A Ganja-themed vacation? No, you’re not high. Cannabis tourism is on the rise

As cannabis grows in popularity – and legality – across the country, many vacationers are looking for a way to combine their wanderlust with their love of herb. And while the logistics of a vacay that’s high on grass and low on stress may seem difficult to pin down, there is one place offering a

Protected: Lantern offers a new way to get cannabis delivered in Boston

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As CBD use skyrockets, consumers should know what they don’t know

(BPT) – Before you reach into that jar of CBD gummies, or add some CBD oil to your bath, proceed carefully. Do you really know what’s in that “miracle cure” that you purchased online or at the health store for anxiety or your aching back? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a component of the cannabis plant

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Protected: 5 Ways Green Roads CBD Products May Change Your Life

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Protected: Adjusting Perspective on the California Cannabis Transition

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Palmetto Harmony: A Family Business Born Out of a Need to Heal

When Janel Ralph gave birth to her daughter, Harmony, in 2009, she knew that it would change her life forever. What Janel didn’t know was that Harmony’s birth would alter her life in ways she never imagined. Harmony was born with a rare genetic condition known as “smooth brain.” This condition produces myriad seizures which

10 Health Benefits Of Cannabis That You May Not Have Heard Of (Yet!)

Many states around the country have passed laws making medical marijuana legal, with still other states legalizing the drug completely. Here are 10 health benefits from cannabis you may not have heard of yet: 10. Glaucoma Treatment Cannabis can help to treat glaucoma by reducing the intraocular pressure (IOP) for a few hours at a time. This